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Praise be to Allah. This is a good article in refutation of shia claim that Umar (ra) hit Fatima (ra).
In this article on one example we would show again how shia scholars tricked their readers in the attempt to misguide them. …
From Shia sources:
Baqir Sharif al-Qurashi, shia writer in his book about Fatima, which was translated into english language said:
Ash-Shahristani mentioned from an-Nidham that Umar was shouting: ‘Set fire to her (Fatima) house with all those in it.’ There were no but Ali, Fatima, al-Hasan, and al-Husayn inside the house.’
Source: The Life of Fatima az-Zahra, chapter The attack on Imam Ali’s house
This claim in this or other form was repeated and recorded by other shia scholars and writers.
Let us see original book of Shahristani to see what important part was dropped of by them.
Scan from “Milal wa Nihal” 1/51, Darul Kutub al-Ilmiyah:
 وزاد في الفرية فقال: إن عمر ضرب بطن فاطمة يوم البيعة حتى ألقت الجنين من بطنها وكان يصيح: أحرقوا دارها بمن فيها وما كان في الدار غير علي وفاطمة والحسن والحسين.
And he (Nadham) added to this FALSE CLAIM: Umar hit Fatima’s belly in the day of pledge in such way that embryo fell from her womb, and he was shouting: Set fire to her (Fatima) house with all those in it.’ There were no but Ali, Fatima, al-Hasan, and al-Husayn inside the house.
1) First as it clear, in accordance to Shahristani this claim of Nadham was nothing but lie and false claim. But shia author didn’t mention this at all. That is same as if we would quote hadith from Mojam ar-Rijal of al-Khui, regarding which he said it is lie and fabrication, without mentioning his opinion. This is nothing but trick and clear lie.
2) Who is Nadham? That was Ibrahim ibn Sayyar ibn Hani, an-Nadham. Motazili, with many false beliefs. Shahristani quoted them one by one, and I would list some of them:
a) Nadham said: Allah have no power over evil deeds and sins, they are not under his authority.
b) He rejected idea that Allah has His own Will (Irada).
c) He rejected idea that Ijma of nation is a proof in any question.
d) He clearly supported shia idea of Imamate of Ali, and attacked companions.

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For Muslims Mushriks (Disbelievers) are those who are making shirk with Allah.

But for Shias?

Imam of shias in Ahadeeth, Muhammad al-Kulayni narrated in “Usool al-Kafi” (p 279):

من أشرك مع إمام إمامته من عند من الله من ليست إمامته من الله كان مشركا بالله


From Imam Abu Abdullah: “Who would makes shirk with Imam which Imamah is from Allah by the one whose Imamah isn’t from Allah is MUSHRIK IN REGARDING  ALLAH”

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Here we have Usool al- Kafi that is a collection narrations and traditions attributed to the Shiite Imams, Ahlul Bayt and the Prophet. The author of this compilation is Shayk Muhammad ibn Yaqoob al-Kulyanee who is regarded Thiqaat al-Islam by Shiite scholars. Some Shi’ites scholars believe usool al kafi was presented to the legendary Imam Qaem who liked it and said: “It suffices our Shi’ites” (al-Tharee’ah ela Tasaneef al-Shi’a: Agha Buzurg al-Tahraani; vol.17, p.245 )

Ironically we find Mr. Mulla Baqir Majlisi stating in his commentary on al-Kafi, named Mir’at al-‘Uqul, that 9,485 out of the 16,121 narrations in al-Kafi are unreliable! Now here we reach two conclusions, either Imam Qaem made a mistake to authenticate a book, 60% of whose contents would later be discovered to be unreliable or Mr. Mulla Baqir Majlisi (the most reliable and respected Shia Scholars ever existed) did not know what he was talking about.

Ironically we find the Mulla Baqir slanders Ali, Fatima and the Prophet in such disgusting ways: It was narrated that [Imam] Ja`far Ibn Muhamad said : The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h used to put his face between the breasts of [his daughter] Fatima before going to sleep” (Bihaar al-Anwar, vol. 43, p. 78)

Ali Ibn Abi Talib said that he once slept with the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and his wife Ayesha in one bed, and under one cover, then the prophet woke up to pray, and left them together [Ali and Ayesha] in the same bed, under the same cover” (Bihaar al-Anwar vol. 40, p. 2)

Only a Satanic filth who believes in those narrations would compile and report them. We would not stop but we would like to go even further in showing more absurdities!

Allah [swt] said, in several places in His Glorious Book: 24:30 Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do yet we read in the authentic al-Kafi: “Narrated Muhammad bin Yahya, from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Ali bin al-Hakam, from Ali bin Suwaid said: I said to Abu al-Hasan: I have the problem of looking at the pretty woman, so I (keep) looking at her. He said: Laa Ba’s (No Problem) if Allah knows that your intention is true, but beware of Zina, it causes the blessings and faith to perish (al-Kafi (fil Furoo’) al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter of Zina, vol.5, p.542, narration 6.)

so according to this narration Gazing lewdly at women is okay. What is more Ironic and funny is that the prominent and respected Ayatollah Fadallah of Lebanon gave a fatwa permitting to gaze lewdly on naked women!!!!!

Ayatollah Fadhallah of Lebanon states in his book an-nikah vol.1, p. 66 that if the woman comes out with a swimsuit then it is permitted to look at her……….and regarding the same matter the permission also includes gazing at the “Auwra” when the woman exposes it, just like in some nude districts or at swimming spots in the beach in some countries.

What kind of a religion is this??!!! Astagrfirulla al Azeem may Allah protect and guard us from such filth and absurdity!!!!

The Shiite authentic works also permits homosexuality and sodomy: “(Narrated) Muhammad bin Yahya, from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Muhammad bin Yahya, from Talha bin Zaid, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: The Messenger of Allah [pbuh] said: Whoever voluntarily let others sexually molest him, Allah will invest him with women’s lust.” [al-Kafi (fil Furoo’) al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter: Who Let Others Sexually Molest Him, vol.5, p.549, narration 1.] Comment: May Allah curse the liars who lie on the Apostle of Allah [saw].

“(Narrated) Ali bin Ibraaheem from his father from al-Nufaly from As-Sukoony from (Imam) Abu Abdallah [as] said: Amierul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said: (al-Luwaat ma doon ad-dubur, wad-dubur huwal-kufr) Sodomy is in (anything) other than dubur (anal sex), for dubur [has multi meanings] is actually the Kufr (disbelief)”. The commentator on al-Kafi wrote: “It is possible to understand (from the statement) that Sodomizing (a man) is permissible” al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): Book of Marriage: Chapter of Sodomy, narration 3, vol.5, p.544

Comments: May Allah keep us away from such filth.

“(Narrated) Muhammad bin Yahya , from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Ali bin al-Hakam said: I heard Safwaan bin Yahya saying: I said to (Imam) al-Rida : a man among your followers requested me to ask you about a matter, which he feared and embarrassed to ask you (directly). He said: What is it? I said: For the man to use the woman’s anus. He said: He may. I said: Do you personally do that? He said: We do not do that.” al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter: Women’s anuses, vol.5, p.540, narration 2.

Comments: Typical Hypocrisy condemned by Allah [swt] when He said:61:03-04 …Why say ye that which ye do not? Grievously hateful is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not. And is typical to the Devil Iblis’ behavior 59:16 Like Satan when he says to man “disbelieve”: but when (man) disbelieves, Satan says: I am free of thee: I do fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

“(Narrated) al-Hussain bin Ali bin Yaqteen said: I asked Abul-Hassan about the permissibility for the man to have anal sex with women, he said: It was made halal (permissible) in the Book of Allah, when (Prophet) Lot said: 11:78 Here are my daughters, they are purer for you and he knew it was not the vagina they were after.” [Tafseer al-Ayyashi, vol.1, p.157; Bihaar al-Anwaar vol.21, p.98; Tafseer al-Burhaan vol.2, p.230]

Narrated Abdullah bin Abi Ya’foor: I asked Abu Abdullah about approaching women thru their anus, he said: No Problem. He then recited: 2:223 Your women are as tilth unto you, so approach your tilth when (or how) ye will .” [Tafseer al-Ayyashi, vol.1, p.110; Bihaar al-Anwaar Baqir al-Majlisi, vol.23, p.98; al-Burhaan fee Tafseer al-Qur’an: Hashim al-Bahraani, vol.1, p.219; Wasaa’il al-Shi’a: al-Hur al-Amily, vol.3, chpater 73: An-Nikaah wa Aadabuh]

Comments: This is another evidence on how mentally sick these Shiite Priests are, and how Satanic they get to distort the Words of Allah or their meanings to lead their followers to behave as the people of Prophet Lot, whom Allah has condemned in all Scriptures. What is even more Ironic is that Ayatollah Khamenai gave a fatwa that promotes manipulation of the honor of women: This book entitled “The Answers to Questions” is written by Ayatullah Ali Khamen’ei, the current supreme leader of Iran and the highly respected Shia scholar. Read the question first, and then read the answer that Ayatullah Khamen’ei provides: quoted Below:


Question: Is it permissible to fertilize the woman’s eggs whose husband is sterile by the sperms of a foreign man through putting the sperms in the woman’s vagina?

Answer: Jurisprudently, there is no harm in fertilizing the woman’s eggs by the sperms of a foreign man. However, the woman and the foreign man should avoid anything that leads to haram like looking, touching, and alike.

Nevertheless, if a child is born through this method, then the child will not belong to the husband, but will belong to the man who provided the sperms and to the woman who provided eggs and womb. It is highly advisable in such situations to be aware of the matters of inheritance …


Well we are not finished yet. There are more amazing statements for Presentation: We have now here quotations attributed to the Imams that all non Ithna Asharis are children of Adultery: Abi Hamza reports that he said to imam jaffar as sadiq that some of his fellows fabricate regarding those who preceded them. Upon that Imam Jaffar told him to stop taking about them, for the whole mankind except their Shia, are children of adultery (or in other words they are illegitimates)! (Usool al-Kafi, vol.8)

Here is the image of the Original Arabic Text:

It was narrated that [Imam] Abu Abdullah said : No infant is born but a certain Satan is in his presence. If Allah knew that he would be of our Shiia, He protects him from that Satan, if he wouldn’t be of our Shiia, Satan sticks his finger in his anus, thus becomes a catamite, If it was [the infant] a female, he sticks his finger in her vagina, thus becomes a whore. Allah then afterwards clear what He desire or affirm, for with Him is the book of Knowledge.” (Tafseer al-Ayyashi, p. 218 ,Bihaar al-Anwaar, vol.2 p. 1319 ,Tafseer al-Burhaan, vol. 2, p. 300)

While Allah [swt] says: 49:13. O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each others. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you”, we find that those “Infallible” , who are the Deputies of Allah, preach racism in its ugliest form. While the following reports are sad, yet you will find them funny, so here we go:

“(Narrated) Ali bin Ibrahim, from Haroon bin Muslim, from Mas’adah bin Ziyad, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said: Beware of marrying the Negros (zunj) for they are a distorted creation.al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): Book of Nikah, Chapter: Whom (the Imam) Disliked for Marriage Amongst the Kurdish, Negros and Others, vol. 5, p. 352, Narration 1

Narrated Ali bin Ibrahim, from Ismael bin Muhammad al-Makki, from Ali bin al-Husain, from ‘Amr bin Othman, from al-Husain bin Khalid, from whom he mentioned from Abu Ar-Rabi’ al-Shami said: Abu Abdullah [as] said to me: Do not buy anyone who is a negro, but if you must, then (buy) the Nubians, for they are amongst those whom Allah the Exalted said about them: 5.14 From those too, who call themselves Christians, We did take a covenant, but they forgot a good part of the Message that was sent them . Surely, a time will come when they will remember that portion, and when the Qa’im (Mahdi) arise, a group of them will come to his support, but never marry anyone of the Kurdish (people) for they are part of the Jinn (demons) whom the screen was lifted from them” Ibid, narration 2

Comments: by “whom the screen was lifted from them” he meant, the screen or divider which Allah has created between us human and Jinn, where we are unable to see them but they can see us. The Kurds, according to this narration, are a type of demons which we are enabled to see. What an absurdity.

(Narrated) Several of our fellows from Sahl bin Ziyad, from Musa bin Ja’far, from ‘Amr bin Sa’eed, from Muhammad bin Abdillah al-Hashimi, from Ahmad bin Yousuf, from Ali bin Dawood al-Haddaad, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: Marry not from the Negros nor the Khazar, for they have uteruses indicate they are unfaithful. He [as] further said: India, Sind and Qind not a single one of them is smart, meaning Qandaharis Ibid, Narration 3.

Comments: Khazar is the area around the black sea, and Qandahar is in Afghanistan Not to mention that the women are depicted very low and worthless in the Shiite scriptures.

“Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah al-Barqi: Narrated my father, from his grandfather Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah, from his father, from Muhammad bin Abi Omair, from more than one person from the Truthful Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father, from his forefathers, peace be on them, said: One of the companions of Amirul-mu’mineen (Ali) complained to him his women. He [as] thus stood to address the public saying: O people, Obey not the women in any case, nor trust them with money, nor let them be in charge of the children, for if they are left to do what pleases them, they will lead (you) to troubles and aggress the rights of the lords. We found them to be unhesitant when they are in need, impatient when their (sexual) lust at peak, wasteful spending is part of them even if they are old, and self admiring follows them even at their senior age. They don’t appreciate the “much” when they are prevented the “little”. They forget the good and recall the bad. They rush to falsehood, insist on arrogance and follow Satan. So deal with them at any how, address them well that their deeds be well (as a result). al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, the 37th council, narration No. 6, p.172

Narrated few of our friends on the authority of Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah, from his father, from Wahab, from (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said: Men were created from Earth, and all they care for is the land. As for the woman, she was created from the man, and all she cares for is men, O Men, lock up your women”. al-Kafi ( fil Furoo’ ): al-Kulainy, Kitaab al-Nikah, Chapter What’s Recommended for Women Who Reached pubery…; vol.5, p.337, narration 6.

Narrated Muhammad bin Omar bin Salamah bin al-Baraa’ al-Hafiz al-Baghdadi: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Abdallah al-Thaqafi Abul-Abbas saying: Narrated to us Issa bin Muhammad al-Katib saying: Narrated to me al-Madayini from Ghiyath bin Ibrahim from the Truthful Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father from his grandfather, peace be on them, said: Ali bin Abi Talib [as] said: The brains of women are in their beauty, and the beauty of men is in their brains”. al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, the 40th Council, narration No. 9, p.189

Narrated Muhammad bin Ali Majilwaih: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yahya al-‘Attaar saying: Narrated to us Sahl bin Ziyad al-Adami saying: Narrated to me Othman bin Issa from Khalid bin Nujaih from Abu Abdallah [as] saying: Bad luck was discussed in his presence, he [as] thus said: Bad luck are to be found in three things: in the woman, vehicle (horse, mule, camel, donkey, etc) and house. As for the bad luck in the woman, it is due to her high dowery and her disobedience to her husband, the vehicle is due to its attitude, and the house is due to its narrowness, its bad neighbor and its defects”. Al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, 42nd Council, Narration No.7, p.199, and in his al-Khisaal, Chapter of the Three, narration 53,p. 100 [A shorter version of this narration is also found in al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter: Nawadir, vol.5, p. 567, narration 51]

Following is an interesting narration that induces us to ask whether Ali [ra] treated Fatimah [ra] as he advised the others:

Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Yahya al-‘Attaar saying: Narrated to us my father from Muhammad bin al-Husain bin Abil-Khattab from Muhammad bin Sinaan, from Abi al-Jarood from Abu Ja’far al-Baqir [as] from his father, from his grandfather [as] saying: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said: He who places himself in a suspicious position, let him not blame who misjudges him; and he who conceals his secret holds the choice. Any conversation surpasses two (people) will be spread around. Think well of your brother until you see of him otherwise, and think well of a word said by your brother if it is possible to be interpreted as such. Choose the truthful brothers and make lots of them, for they are your ornament in times of peace and your fort in times of need. Consult in your affairs those who fear Allah, and love the brothers according to their level of righteousness. Try to avoid the bad women, and ever be watchful of the best of them, if they enjoined good on you, disobey them so they won’t have a hope to have you obey them in that which is no good”. Al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, 50th Council, Narration No.8, p.250

Narrated to us Muhammad bin Musa bin al-Mutawakkil [ra] saying: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Ja’far al-Humairi, from al-Fadl bin ‘Aamir, from Musa bin al-Qasim al-Bajaliy, from Thuraih al-Maharibiy, from Abu Abdullah [as] from his forefathers [as] saying: The Messenger of Allah [sawa] said: Three (types of people) if you don’t wrong them, they will still wrong you: The low class, your wife and your servant”. al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Three, narration 15, p.86

Comment: May Allah’s wrath be upon the liars who lie on Allah’s Apostle.

Narrated to us my father [ra] saying: Narrated to us Sa’d bin Abdallah, from Ahmad bin al-Husain bin Sa’eed, from Abu al-Husain al-Hadramiy, from Musa bin al-Qasim al-Bajaliy, from Jameel bin Darraj, from Muhammad bin Sa’eed, from al-Muhariby, from Ja’far bin Muhammad, from his father, from his forefathers, from Ali [as] saying: The Messenger of Allah [saw] said: Three (type of situations) are good lie in them: Trickery in a war, promising your wife, and reconciliation between people. There are three (types of situations) where telling the truth becomes ugly: snitching, telling the man something he may dislike about his wife, and to disbelieve the man over the rumor. He further said: And there are three (types of people) sitting with them kills the heart: sitting with the low class, talking to women, and sitting with the wealthy people”. al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Three, narration 20, p.87

Several of our friends narrated, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Issa, from al-Husain bin Sa’eed, from al-Husain bin ‘Alwaan, from Sa’d bin Tareef, from al-Asbagh bin Nabatah said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said: Allah created the lust in ten parts, and has placed nine parts in women and one part for men. If it wasn’t for the shyness that Allah gave them according to their lust parts, each man would have had nine women hanging to him.” al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Kitaab al-Nikah, Chapter The Virtues of Women’s Lust Over The Men’s, vol.5, p.337, narration 1.; al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Ten, Section: Lust Is Ten Parts, p.338, Narration 28

Please read the narration once again. Does it make a sense? What is more interesting thou, is the commentary of Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi on this narration. He wrote in the footnote: “Allah the Exalted, created lust in ten parts: Ten for men, and one for women. But that is specifically for Bani Hashim and their Shi’ites. And for the women of Bani Umayyah and their supporters, the lust is ten parts: nine for women, and one for men”

Several of our fellows narrated, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Khalid, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abi Nasr, from whoever narrated to him, from Ishaaq bin Ammaar said: (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] said: Verily, Allah made for the woman the patience of ten men, but when it hits her, she gets the lust power of ten men.” al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Kitaab al-Nikah, Chapter The Virtues of Women’s Lust Over The Men’s, vol.5, p.337, narration 2; al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih alQummi Chapter of The Ten, Section: Woman Has Patience of Ten Men, p.339, narration 32

Several of our fellows narrated, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Issa, from Muhammad bin Sinaan, from Abu Khalid al-Qammaat, from Durais, from (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] said: I heard him (i.e the Imam) saying: Women were given an intercourse power of twelve (men) and the patience of twelve (men).” Ibid, p. 339, Narration 3.

Comments: Please compare to the previous narration. Any discrepancy on the part of the “Infallible”? Inspite of all the nonsense and things out of morality we went through, yet we find Many Prominent and Respectable Shiite Scholars praise Usool al Kafi: Muhammad Sadiq AlSadr said : “Although The Shia are on the unanimity of that The four books (Alkafi , AlITibSaar , AlTahzeeb and Mun La YahduRuHu Alfaqeeh) are accepted and *all* the narrations in them are accurate (Saheeh), But they did not call them by the name (Sihaah) like AhlSunnah did ” [The Book of shia “Kitab alshia” page 127]

Sharaf’Deen AbdulHussain Mosawy said : “Alkafi , AlIsTibSaar , AlTahzeeb and Mun La YahduRuHu Alfaqeeh are *MutawaTirah* and agreed on the accuracy of its contents (the Hadiths) , and Alkafi is the oldest , greatest , best and the most accurate one of them ” . [The book of AlMuraja’aat , Muraj’ah number 110 ] ….. MutawaTirah = accurate 100% because it was narrated by many narrators.

AlTabRassy said : “Alkafi among the four shia books (AlTahzeeb , Alkafi , AlIsTibSar , mun la YahDuruhu Alfaqeeh) is like the sun among the stars , and who looked fairly would not need to notice the position of the men in the chain of hadiths in this Book , and if you looked fairly you would feel satisfied and sure that the hadiths are firm and accurate “[MusTaDrak AlWasa’el , volume 3 , page 532]

So according to Shiite scholars, all the above filth we came across is authentic and reliable.

So our dear Reader don’t you see how much absurd are the Ithna Ashari works? Think about it!

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Shia scholar Abul Hasan al-Alami said:

“It should be known, as it apparent from words of  siqatul Islam Muhammad ibn Yaqub al-Kulayni, (he) did believe in tahrif in Qur’aan and omission. Because he gave a lot of place to Ahadeeth about that in his book “al-Kafi”. He expressed that he believe in ahadeth that he narrated in the beginning of his book…….  And is the same way (acted) his sheikh Ali ibn Ibrahim al-Qummi.”

Quoted from “Muqadimatu Tafsir al-Burhan”

Scan pages:

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Rafidi at-Tabari (don’t mix him with sunni Imam at-Tabari) in his book “Dalail al-Imamah” (p 220) wrote:

141 / 5 – قال أبو جعفر: وحدثنا أحمد بن منصور الرمادي قال: حدثنا شاذان بن عمر قال: حدثنا مرة بن قبيصة بن عبد الحميد قال: قال لي: جابر بن يزيد الجعفي: رأيت مولاي الباقر (ع) وقد صنع فيلا من طين فركبه وطار في الهواء حتى ذهب إلى مكة عليه ورجع فلم أصدق ذلك منه حتى رأيت الباقر (ع) فقلت له: أخبرني جابر عنك بكذا وكذا فصنع مثله وركب وحملني معه إلى مكة وردني

Marat ibn Qubaisat ibn Abdulhamid said that: Jabir Bin Yazid Al-Jafee said to me: “I saw that my master Al-Baqir (alaihi salam) had made an elephant from clay, and he sat over it(rode it) and flew in the sky to Makkah and came back to me”. So I (Marat) didn’t testify this from him (Jabir) until I saw Al-Baqir (alaihi salam) and I said unto him: Jabir told me about you about such and such things. And he did similar (elephant) and sat on it and took me with him to Makkah and returned me.

And it was also narrated by Bahrani in “Madinatul Majaiz” (see scans)

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Ibn Yusuf al-Hilli in his book “Kashf al-yaqin” (p 229):

“`Abdullah ibn `Umar has reported: The Messenger of Allah was asked: In what tone did the Almighty God speak to you on the night of ascension (Mi`raj)?

The Holy Prophet said: He addressed me in the tone of `Ali!

At that time, I was inspired to ask: O Lord, are you speaking to me or it is `Ali who is speaking to me?

God said: O Ahmad! My truth is different from that of other things! I can neither be compared with people nor am I described with similar things! I created you from my light and `Ali from your light.

Thereafter I became aware of the secret of your heart, finding out there was no one closer and more beloved to your heart than `Ali.

Hence, I addressed you in the tone of `Ali so that your heart will be put at rest in this assembly of friendship.”

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From shia books which say that to understand Imamate is not easy and it was secret concealed in a secret. This speaks of the real creed of shiism which are kept in a secret upon secret and concealed which no one knows except the shia elite and their majoos priest/ ayatollat.

We do wonder that upon this secrecy it contradicts what had been revealed about Ghadeer Khum and how it was publicized which shias used to counter sunnis arguments.

What shias fail to realized that with this hadith about Imamate being in secret the very foundation of Ghadeer Khum collapse within shiism.

It was reported by Muhammad ibn al-Hasan as-Saffar in “Basair ad-Darajat” (p 48) from Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam), and also in “Sahifa Abrar” (2/200) by Mamiqani:

ان امرنا سر في سر وسر مستسر وسر لا يفيد الا سر وسر على سر وسر مقنع بسر
Verily, our command is a secret in a secret, and a concealed secret, and a secret that is only known as a secret, and a secret upon a secret and a secret veiled by a secret.

And at page 49 of the Basair, again from imam:

ان امرنا هو الحق وحق الحق وهو الظاهر وباطن الباطن وهو السر وسر السر وسر المستسر وسر مقنع بالسر
Verily, our command (amr) is the truth and the truth of the truth; and it is the exoteric and the esoteric of the esoteric; and it is the secret, and the secret of the secret, and the secret of the concealed place, and the secret veiled by the secret.

Secret in the secret on the secret between most  secrets things. It is so secret that last Imam with his command wasn’t seen around for ages and its always hard to believe shia fairy tale.

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