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This is simple test conducted to show the world how confused 12er shia scholars and ayatullats are. They never agree upon one answer when you ask them a question, even if the answer was already mentioned in Qur’an! The reason is very simple, its because shia scholars get revelation from devils and as a result each ayatullat is taught different answer by different devil.

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Sex Maniac Ayatollat Rohani Fatwa on Mut’ah with PROSTITUTE and payment of $100.

Question: I once went to a nightclub when a whore asked me for $100, I paid her and she told me:”I’ll offer you all my body in Mot’ah (“enjoyment marriage”) according to the amount of money (you have givin). It (the “marriage”) lasted for the period of one day only, is it still considered a legal “Mot’ah” marriage?

Answer: In His praised names, 

If what she said was with the intention of marriage and with your approval then this is regarded “enjoyment marriage” (Mut’ah).

Attached scan image of Rohani’s Sex Fatwa:

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Allaahs’ praise of the Companions (ra) is widely mentioned in the Noble Qur’an. And their virtue and excellence is part of the creed of any Muslims. Surely we love what Allaah (swt) loves and we give precedence to whom Allaah (swt) gave precedence. 

Allaah Azza wa Jaal said in the Noble Qur’an:

“The forerunners those who came first among the Migrators and the Helpers and those who followed them with the best. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him and Allah has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow therein forever and that is the great success.”

[Suratu At-Tawbah 9:100]

And the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) said :

The best of my nation is my generation then those who follow them and then those who follow them.”  [Saheeh Bukhari]

Now, lets look at what the Rawaafidha Majoos belief of the Noble Companions:

The destructed one Ayatush-shaytaan Khomenie in his book al-Wasiyyah Siyasiya – page 27 says:

‘ I completely presume that the Iranian youth -in their millions of numbers- in this current time; they are better than the people of al-Hijaaz [Makkah & Madina and sorrounding areas] during the time of the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) !!!

And they are better than the people of Koofah in Iraaq during the time of the prince of believers [Alee] , and Husayn [may Allaah be pleased with both of them] … ’

End of his words !

So who do you believe; Allaah and then the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) who said the Companions (ra) are the best of people or this human devil who says such repungent words ?!

Attached image scan of Ayatush-shaytaan Khomenie’s book:

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Shiaism (The Rafidah) and Islam are indeed different religions. This sect has developed into what we now know as the Shia whose beliefs and thoughts are repugnant beyond belief. The divergence of Shiaism from Islaam can be summarized from the books which they consider most authentic, and the statements of their most respected scholars.

Some of the proofs are available on this page Most of the Muslim UMMAH and Western scholars have very little genuine and reliable knowledge of SHIA beliefs and practices. However, most of the openly declared SHIA beliefs revolve around The Concept of Imamah, the superiority of Ali (May Allah be pleased with him), and the so-called love of the Prophet’s family members. As a result, the intense love that Sunni Muslims carry for the Prophet’s family members combined with the magnanimous personality of Ali has led some Sunnis to accept Shia’s as part of the Muslim UMMAH.

However, the brutal fact remains that under the pretense of Ali’s Superiority and the so-called love of the Prophet’s family members, Shias have literally evolved an entirely new religion, grossly distorted the teachings of the Holy Qur’ân, and completely rejected the sanctity and authenticity of the Hadeeth. They have elevated the sayings of their imams to the level of the Prophet’s sayings and have classified them as Hadeeth.

For all practical purposes, they reject the most authentic sayings of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and base their religion on the so-called Hadeeth attributed to their Imaams. By doing so they have rejected one of the most fundamental principles of Islam: The law can only be derived from the sayings and actions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), not any other human being.

The Saba’iyyah, a sect of the Rawafid, emerged in the time of `Ali and told `Ali he was God. `Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) burned some of them to death as a result. Later, the Rawafid split into many groups like: The Zaydis, Imamis, Kaysaniyyas, Qaddahiyyas  and Exaggerators (Ghullat). Some people asked Imam Zayd ibn `Ali to disavow Abu Bakr and `Umar. He would not do so, and some people refused his decision, and deserted him, thereby becoming known as Rawafid, which means : the Refusers, the Rejecters.

Those who stayed with him became known as the Zaydis, and so they are technically not of the Rawafid. The exaggerators are not Muslims, these Raafidi (Shia) actually descend from Abu Lu’luah Majoosi (a Persian fire worshipper) and Abdullaah ibn Saba’ (a Jew). However they are more dangerous from the Christians themselves. Christians fight Islaam face to face (if they did) while Rafidiyah stab Islam from its back they have lot of Absurdities in their beliefs like Badah, Rajah, Mutah, Taqiyyah, etc

The Zaydis, Imamis and exaggerators split up further, with each group accusing the other of kufr. The Zaydis split into three groups: Jarudis, Sulaymanis and Butris. They all agreed on the leadership of Imam Zayd ibn `Ali ibn al-Husayn when he revolted at the time of Hisham ibn `Abdul-Malik.

They are the closest of the Shiah to Ahlus-Sunnah; they merely maintain that `Ali had more right to the Caliphate, but they do not claim that he was explicitly appointed as Caliph by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and his Household and grant them peace), and hence they accept the Caliphates of Abu Bakr, `Umar and `Uthman. The Kisanis split into two groups: one claimed that Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah, a son of `Ali, is still alive and that he is the Mahdi; the other group say he died and passed on the leadership.

The Imamis and exaggerators split into fifteen groups, among which are the Ja`faris/Ithna `Asharis (Twelvers) and the Isma`ilis. The exaggerators claimed divinity for their Imams, permitted all sorts of haram things, and in short dismissed the obligations of shari`ah.

Below we have more then 100 Articles exposing Shia’s using their own books and writings with detailed sources so that they don’t deny it. These references are copied from the religious books of Shiite religion. While translating them we have asked forgiveness of Allah many times, for, these are very much annoying for any Muslim to read. Neither I personally wish anyone to have them but to save the innocent simple Muslims from the Shiites (Raafidah) it was necessary to write them and forward them to our fellow Muslims so that they can know the real terrifying beliefs of Shiites.

Additionally I have also listed some articles about Ismailism and the Agakhanis; one of the more deviant groups within the Shia religion they are an offshoot of the Raafidah (Shiah) and share some of their characteristics. Aga Khan is their supreme leader and, in their view, has characteristics and attributes similar to those of Allaah.

And Lastly The Prophet  said: “Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the Angles and all the people” (Saheeh, At-Tabaranee)

For those who feel that speaking against this deviant pseudo-Islamic group is waste of time ….First read this then go ahead with other Articles pertaining to Shiite and Shiaism

The historic Khutbah of Sheikh Ali Abd-ur-Rahman al-Hudhaifi, Imaam of Masjid-e-Nabavi

*the Peshawar Nights

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*First: Answering Al-Tijani’s Libels against Abu Hurairah

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*Third: Answering Al-Tijani’s allegations against Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan

*Fourth: Al-Tijani’s Allegations against the Mother of Beleivers Ayesha ( may Allah be pleased at her )

*Fifth: Answering Al-Tijani’s Libels against Uthman Ibn Affan

In Defense of Abu Hurairah [Reply to some erroneous claims]

What Do Scholars of the Past and Present say about Shia (Rafidah) ?

Al-Kafi is the MOST reliable Shia Book Al-Kafi was presented to the legendary Imam Qaem who liked it and said: “It suffices our Shi’ites”

How to Approach the Shia Brothers and Sisters A Straight Forward Logic Instead of a Never Ending Debate?


Are Shia Kafir?


have seen the terrifying BELIEFS OF SHIITES?

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what are the SHIA BELIEF CONCERNING Mut’ah?

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racism in Shiite religion

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Distortion of Historical Facts

The Shia practice of the forbidden temporary marriage

ya allah 0r ya ali, ya hussain

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Temporary Marriage & Its Illegitimacy in Islam 

Zawaaj Al- Mut’aa

*Whats in the ‘Kashful Asrar’ (book of khomeni)?

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The vicious & unscrupulous propaganda of the Shi’ia-2

Islam, QADIANISM and Shiaism

Islamic Revolution of Iran??

embassy of the Islaamic republic of iran

Riots in Kermanshah


*Taqrib – A Study of Attempts at Sunni-Shia
Rapprochement in History

*a scientific dialouge- the tat’heer {purification}
verses & ahaadeeth of kisa’a {veil}

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Concerning The Book ‘Nahjatul Baalighah’

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The Verse of Tabligh (Conveyance)


HOW MANY ARE SHIAS altogether?

Is the fast of the ninth and tenth of Muharram recommended?

What  is recommended for the Muslim on the day of ‘Aashooraa.

Alee ibn Abee Talib on the allegations against Abu Bakr and ‘Umar

what these SHIAS don’t know about kHALIFAH ABU BAKR SIDDEEQ RadiAllaahuanhu (632-634 C.E.) “If I were to take a friend other than my Lord, I would take Abu Bakr as a friend.” (Prophet’s Statement)

what these shias dont know about kHALIFAH UMAR FAAROOQUERadiAllaahuanhu (634-644 C.E.) “God has placed truth upon Umar’s tongue and heart” (Prophet’s Statement)

what these shias don’t know about kHALIFAH UTHMAAN GANI RadiAllaahuanhu (644-656 C.E.) “Every Prophet has an assistant, and my assistant will be Uthmaan.” (Prophet’s Statement)

what these shias don’t know about kHALIFAH ALI RadiAllaahuanhu (656-661 C.E.) “You [Ali] are my brother in this world and the next.” (Prophet’s Statement)

what these shais don’t know about fatimah Bint MuhammadRadiAllaahuanha

What these shias don’t know about aa’ishah Bint Abu BakrRadi Allahu anha

what these shias don’t know about (abdur-rehmaan) abu Hurairah RadiAllaahuanhu “The kitten man”, literally “The father of a kitten” because like the Prophet he was fond of cats and since his childhood often had a cat to play with.

The Noble Character of Ameer Mu’aawiyah (ra)-The Most Slandered Pious Companion of the Prophet.

The Best Generation


Virtues of Aboo Bakr As-Siddeeq

Integrity of the Prophet’s Companions

The Path of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah

the views of ahlus-sunnah towards the Sahâbah

*Are the Sahaba Hypocrites?

Ahl Al-Bait, ‘Ummahat Al-Mu’minin

*A Glimpse at the Way of the Companions Tasfiyah-wat- Tarbiyah

In Defense of Abu Hurairah [Reply to some erroneous claims]


Link : http://www.allaahuakbar.in/shiites/index.htm


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From the book “Fatawa Muyasarah” compiled from fatwas of Ayatush-shaytaan Sistani.

At page 421 you can read:

Qustion: Is it permissible to ask for sustenance, a child, protection or intercession directly from the Infallible ones?

Sistani: Let me ask you first. Do you seek this from them because they create or sustain or protect?

Questioner Answers: Certainly not. But rather because they are the means to Allah Subhana wa Taala, the intercessors with Him in the disposal of affairs and because they cannot do anything but with the permission of Allah, the Sublime and Exalted.

Sistani: You mean that they ask Allah the Exalted and He creates, and they ask Him and He sustains, and they ask Him and He protects, and because they are intercessors, whose pleas or supplications are not rejected, because of their status with Allah, the Sublime, and for their guardianship over us?

Questioner: Yes I mean that.

SistaniThis is permissible. Allah (s.w.t.) says: “…and seek means of nearness to Him…” (Qur’an, 5:35) and they (alaihuma salam) are your means of approach to Allah Subhana wa Taala. This is permissible.

So basicly he sees no problem in his shiite majoos followers to make du’a (or supplication) through their Infallible Imams as partner to Allah (swt) with words: Ya Abu Abdullah give me a child!

Such kind of dua, which was approved by this Shia Majoos Scholar is the very same Shirk al-Akbar which removes a person from the fold of Islam!

And we seek refuge from Allah swt from such kufr creed of Shiism.

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Reality on why Shia scholars and their majoos followers are kuffar (disbelievers) according to their own scholars.

From one well known grand scholars of Shiism… Sheikh Saduq.

Book: کمال الدین و تمام النعمة

Author: Sheikh Saduq

Page 209:

“And if someone attributes Ilme Ghaib (Knowledge of unseen) to the Imams he has disbelieved in Allah and according to our belief such person is out of Islam.”

Page 231:

“And no one knows the Ghaib except Allah and anyone who attributes it to a human is a Kafir.”

ومن ينحل للائمة علم الغيب فهذا كفر بالله وخروج عن الاسلام عندنا
Further references on why Shia Scholars and their majoos shiite followers are kuffar (disbelievers) according to their own scholars – making takfeer on each other
Kamal al Din by Shaikh Saduq
ومن قال: إن الله يبدو له من إحداث رأي وعلم مستفاد فهو كافر بالله. وما كان غير هذا فهو قول المغيرية، ومن ينحل للأئمة علم الغيب. فهذا كفر بالله، وخروج عن الاسلام عندنا الصفحة ١٠٦
And one who professed that “indeed the occurrences become apparent to Allah (swt), through consideration and gained knowledge”, so he is a disbeliever (kafir) of Allah (swt). And what was other than this, so it is the belief of the “mughiriah” sect, and one who attributes the knowledge of the unseen (Ghaib) to the Imams (as) so it is disbelief (kufr) in Allah (swt) and expulsion from Islam according to us.(Page 106)
والامام أيضا لم يقف على كل هذه التخاليط التي رويت لأنه لا يعلم الغيب، وإنما هو عبد صالح يعلم الكتاب والسنة، ويعلم من أخبار شيعته ما ينهى إليه الصفحة ١١٠
And the Imam also did not stop all this confusion which you saw because he does not know the unseen,rather he is just a pious slave of Allah (swt) who knows the Qur’an and the sunnah, and he knows about the affairs of his shias that are not inhibited from him. (Page 110)
 قد أكثرت في ذكر علم الغيب، والغيب لا يعلمه إلا الله، وما ادعاه لبشر إلا مشرك كافر الصفحة ١١٦
We have expanded a lot about the issue of knowledge of the unseen, and no one knows the unseen except Allah (swt), and no one claims it for a human except for a polytheistic disbeliever (mushrik kafir). (Page 116)
So al-Saduq says that those who add “‘Ali wali Allah” to the call of prayer are cursed Ghulat. He says that those who claim that the Prophet SAWS and Imams never forget are cursed Ghulat and now he makes Takfeer on those who say the Imams have knowledge of the unseen…

Imagine how many Shia grand scholars (i.e kulaini, majlisi, jaza’iri, khomeni etc) becomes kafir according to this fatwa of Sheikh Saduq.

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The Shia will oftentimes use Taqiyyah (lying to save one’s religion) when asked about Matam. We often hear Shia, particularly in the West, saying that beating oneself during Matam is actually forbidden in the Shia religion, and that it is only ignorant and “extremist” Shia who do that.
This is a bold-faced lie, and we shall prove it here. In fact, the opposite is true: any Shia who claims that self-flagellation is not Mustahabb (highly recommended) is either lying or ignorant of his religion. All of the Shia Maraje’(high scholars) are agreed that beating oneself is not only allowed in Shi’ism, but rather it is encouraged.

 2 Pagan Cult 1 Deviance

Let us refer the reader to Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website. Again, this is his own website, where he cites his as well as the opinion of other Shia Maraje’ (high scholars), including Ayatollah Sistani, Ayatollah al-Kho’i, and many other leading Shia figures.

Ayatollah Shirazi is one of the most revered scholars of the Shia, and nobody could question his credentials. His official website can be viewed at www.shirazi.org.uk . In particular, we would like to draw the reader’s attention to his fatwa in regards to Matam, which can be found here: http://www.shirazi.org.uk/tatbir%20fatawa.htm We strongly urge the reader to visit the Ayatollah’s website, so that he can see it for himself. We simply copied and pasted it all below.

Al-Imam al-Sheikh Abdul Kareem al-Ha’ery, the Founder of the current Hawzah in the holy city of Qum, said:

“The hitting of swords on the heads causing bleeding is allowed provided there is no harm to the person doing this. Furthermore no one has the right to prohibit this (hitting the head with sword). In fact all kinds of TA’ZIAH – mourning – for SEYYED AL-SHUHADA’ – Imam Hussain – may our souls be sacrificed for him, are MUSTAHAB (highly recommended)– desirable deeds.”

The above Fatwa was endorsed and signed by the following eminent Maraje’:

  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Sheikh Muhammad al-Araki
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Muhammad Ridha al-Gulpaygani
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Shahab-el-Deen al-Mar’ashi al-Najafi
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Hassan al-Tabataba’e al-Qummi
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Muhammad al-Waheedi
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Mirza Jawaad al-Tabrizi
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Muhammad Saadiq al-Rouhani
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma Muhammad Mahdi al-Lankaroudi
  • And many other Maraje’ and eminent scholars…

Al-Imam al-Sheikh Muhammad Hussain al-Naa’ini, the teacher of the Maraje’ of the holy city of Najaf, said:

“There is no doubt as to the permissibility of the beating of the chest and the face with the hands to the point of redness or blackness (of the chest or the face). This is also extended to the lashing of the shoulders and the back with chains to the extent mentioned (above), and even if this led to bleeding. As for causing the bleeding of the head by sword beating, this is also allowed provided it does not lead to endangering harm, such as unstoppable bleeding or harm to the scull, etc. as it is known amongst the experts in doing this (hitting on the head).”

The above Fatwa was endorsed and signed by the following eminent Maraje’:

  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Mohsen al-Hakim
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Muhammad Kaadhem al-Shari’atMadari
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Abd-el-A’la al-Sabzewary
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Abul-Qassim al-Kho’i
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Muhammad Ridha al-Gulpaygani
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Ali al-Hussaini al-Seestani
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid Muhammad Saadiq al-Rouhani
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Mirza Jawaad al-Tabrizi
  • Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Sheikh Hussain al-Waheed al-Khurasani
  • And many other Maraje’ and eminent scholars…

Ayatollah al-Kho’i, the former leader of the Hawzah of the holy city of Najaf, was asked the following question.


Is there any problem with causing the bleeding of the head – TATBIR – as it is practiced, to express one’s grief about the martyrdom of our Imam Hussain peace be upon him, assuming there is going to be no permanent harm?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Kho’i:

“There is no problem with that, given the assumption made in the question, and Allah knows best.”


You stated that there is no problem in causing the bleeding of the head – known as TATBIR – if it does not lead to harm. It is said that it is not more than a permissible act, then can TATBIR be MUSTAHAB (highly recommended) – desirable – if the intention was the upholding and honouring the Sha’a’er – signs of Allah – and sympathy with the Ahl-ul-Bayt, peace be upon them?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Kho’i:

“Most probably Allah Almighty would give thawab – reward (the individual) – for sympathising with the Ahl-ul-Bayt if the intention is sincere.”

Ayatollah al-Sistani, the current leader of the Hawzah of the holy city of Najaf, was asked the following question.


What is the ruling regarding the lashing with chains, chest beating, and walking on fire on the occasion of mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussain peace be upon him?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Sistani:

“If (these are) not associated with extreme harm or loss of limb, there is no objection.


What is the ruling regarding wearing black, and chest beating when commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain peace be upon him, as well as other infallible Imams peace be upon them?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Sistani:

“This is permissible, and in fact this is regarded as one of the best means of seeking nearness to Allah, since it is upholding and honouring the Sha’a’er of Allah Almighty.” [This is a reference to the Qur’anic Ayah 22:32. – translator.]

Ayatollah al-Shirazi was asked the following question.


Some individuals say that I do not see shedding my tears as enough to express my grief for Imam Hussain (AS), his household and his followers on the day of Ashura. So is hitting myself with sword and injuring myself is allowed?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Shirazi:

“The Hussaini Sha’a’er, including TATBIR, are some of the RAAJIH issues. TATBIR is a MUSTAHAB (highly recommended) deed, unless it leads to death, loss of limb, or loss of faculties.” (RAAJIH means MUSTAHAB that could become WAJIB depending on the circumstances – translator)


What is your opinion regarding hitting the head with sword – TATBIR – on the day of Ashura whether or not it harms the individual?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Shirazi:

“The most common and widely known opinion of the Fuqaha (scholars) is that the desirability (of TATBIR) is in it not being extremely harmful.”


If one engages in the program of TA’ZIAH for Imam Hussain (AS), and goes on to serve the program of TA’ZIAH but does not do TATBIR (shedding of blood), is he regarded as a sinner, who deserves to be humiliated?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Shirazi:

“TATBIR is a desirable act, and a MUKALLAF – i.e. one who has reached the adolescence age and is duty bound – may forsake a desirable act. It is not allowed to humiliate a Mu’min, and also one who does not do TATBIR may not humiliate or insult others, or accuse them (of false things).”


What is your opinion regarding the reports that Lady Zaynab (AS), when she saw the head of her brother Imam Hussain peace be upon him, being paraded in public hit her forehead on the bar of the carriage she was travelling in, causing bleeding to flow from beneath her veil, which was visible to onlookers who witnessed the event?

Answer by Ayatollah al-Shirazi:

“Yes that is proven.”

(Source: Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website, http://www.shirazi.org.uk/tatbir%)

Ayatollah Shirazi further said:

“Tatbir (shedding blood using swords) has always been recommended as Mustahab (highly recommended) by the overwhelming consensus of the ‘ULAMA and there has rarely been any, if at all, high-ranking ‘Aalim ever to have declared otherwise.”

(Source: Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website,

He also said:

The shedding of blood during Muharram for Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, is not only Halal, but it is also very Mustahab indeed, and all PROMINENT scholars and religious authorities – Maraje’ – always encouraged it throughout the history of Islam. This included the Tatbir or Qamah-Zani – which is the hitting of the head with swords. The Maraje’ have even decreed that it is acceptable and permissible if one is harmed in this process, provided of course the injuries sustained do not constitute permanent injuries or endanger the life of the individual.”

(Source: Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website,

On Ayatollah Sistani’s official website, www.sistani.org, we find:


What is the ruling on beating our backs with chains only during Muharram rituals?


“It is permissible.”

(Source: Ayatollah Sistani’s official website,

We find the following responses by Ayatollah Lankarani on his official website:

Q2: It so happens that people beat their chests and their backs with chains and their bodies turn red and even start bleeding. Is it permissible?

A2: It is permissible and even preferable provided that it does not cause significant harm to the body.

(Source: Ayatollah Lankarani’s official website,

Thus, there can be no question about the practise of self-flagellation in the Shia faith: it is Mustahabb (highly recommended), and this is the opinion of all of the ranking Shia Maraje’.

It is only a modern trend amongst the Shia youth living in the West to deny the acts of Matam, and this is usually done out of ignorance of the faith. We found one Shia youth who asked the following question to Ayatollah Shirazi:

I had a fellow brother at the Mosque mention one of the teachings of Imam Shirazi. The teaching in question deals with Ashura and the beating of swords and chains. This brother mentioned that Imam Shirazi says that it is allowed to use swords and chains and the drawing of blood, while someone else has said it is not allowed. Please enlighten me on Imam Shirazi’s teachings regarding this. I personally do not agree with violence in Ashura. I dare to say that I could not imagine Imam Hussain (AS) would even want us to hurt ourselves. In fact I would think he died to keep real Islam alive and keep us from going the deviant path of innovators.

In response to this question, Ayatollah Shirazi said:

As with the issue of hitting the head with swords (Tatbir in Arabic or Qamah-Zani in Farsi) Imam Shirazi is not exceptional in any way to permit, and encourage, this action in Ashura. In fact ALL high-ranking ‘ULAMA and AYATOLLAHS not only have allowed this, and continue to do so, but for the entire history of the Shi’a over the past fourteen centuries, they have always encouraged this, declaring Tatbir or Qamah-Zani as very Mustahab indeed.”

“…Tatbir has always been recommended as Mustahab by the overwhelming consensus of the ‘ULAMA and there has rarely been any, if at all, high-ranking ‘Aalim ever to have declared otherwise.”

“As for Iran, significant number of devotees, just as in many other countries, have always performed Tatbir for many years (or rather centuries), and in recent years despite its prohibition being enforced by the authorities, people continued to perform this duty. In the last couple of years even the authorities there have started to turn a blind eye to such programs given the insistence and eagerness of the people to perform Qamah-Zani.”

(Source: Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website, http://www.shirazi.org.uk/ashura.htm)

As Ayatollah Shirazi mentioned, Iran’s official government policy is that such public displays of Matam are forbidden but only because they give a bad image to the Shia faith, not because these acts are forbidden in Shi’ism. As such, the prohibition of public displays of Matam is Taqiyyah. It is a policy which is not enforced, and in fact, the authorties “turn a blind eye to such programs.”

Ayatollah Shirazi was asked the following question.


Is shedding of blood on Ashura allowed? What is your position of Zanjeer and the use of knives, blades, and hooked chains to shed your own blood during Muharram … Is this sort of act Haram, Halal or Makruh? Is this the Sunnah of the Ahl-ul-Bayt at all?


The shedding of blood during Muharram for Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, is not only Halal, but it is also very Mustahab [highly recommended] indeed, and all PROMINENT scholars and religious authorities – Maraje’ – always encouraged it throughout the history of Islam. This included the Tatbir or Qamah-Zani – which is the hitting of the head with swords. The Maraje’ have even decreed that it is acceptable and permissible if one is harmed in this process, provided of course the injuries sustained do not constitute permanent injuries or endanger the life of the individual”

(Source: Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website, http://www.shirazi.org.uk/ashura.htm)

Ayatollah Shirazi then answered the following question.


Is Tatbir allowed? Is the practice of TATBIR, hitting one’s head by sword to cause bleeding, allowed in Islam?

Are there any other Marje’, alongside Grand Ayatollah Imam Muhammad Shirazi, who considers TATBIR as Halal in Islam or even MUSTAHAB?

There are people who do TATBIR on Ashura in Bahrain, is it practiced anywhere else in the Muslim world?


“Practicing TATBIR is highly encouraged by Islam, as can be seen from the decrees of the most prominent MARAJE’ of Islam. Ayatollah al-Udhma Imam Muhammad Shirazi is not the only one who has allowed the Sha’a’er al-Hussaini, but in fact all of the most prominent MARAJE’ have also allowed these.”

“…It should be interesting for you to know that TATBIR is not only practiced in Bahrain, but it is also practiced in many countries around the world such as Saudi Arabia – al-Ihsaa’, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, United States of America and Canada.”

(Source: Ayatollah Shirazi’s official website, http://www.shirazi.org.uk/ashura.htm)

There can thus be no more Taqiyyah or ignorance on the issue of self-flagellation in the Shia faith. We have provided the proof from the official websites of all of the top Shia scholars.

The Nation of Kufr is ONE!

Because the faith of Islam is perfect, it does not allow for any innovations to the religion. However, the Shia have added many innovations/ kufr practices to their faith, and this is why they are called Ahlul Bidah (the People of Bidah) and Kufr like what Christians do. One such Bidah (innovation)/ kufr is the practise of Matam, in which the Shia beat themselves in Muharram on the day of Ashura. The Shia will slap their chests, beat their backs, and involve themselves in other practises in order to “commemorate” and pray to their dead.
As for the Ahlus Sunnah, they are saddened by the wrongful death of Hussain (رضّى الله عنه). He is one of the many great heroes of Islam that died in the Name of Allah. However, the Ahlus Sunnah does not engage in self-flagellation or self-mutilation, which are both considered strictly Haram (forbidden).
The Prophet (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم) forbade barbaric practises like such, and he said: “No harm may be inflicted on oneself.”

Do the Shia really think that Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) would appreciate people engaging in self-flagellation and self-mutilation?

If Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) were alive today, he would think that these people have lost their minds. We ask the reader if he would want his family to commemorate his own death in such a manner? No sane person would want his death commemorated in such a manner, no matter how unfair or how violent his own death was. So why do the Shia assume that Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) would want his death to be remembered in such a barbaric way?

This was a practise of the Jahiliyyah Arabs and the Prophet (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم) forbade it, as well as the Quran.

Allah Almighty condemns the pagans for the barbaric way in which they would worship:

“Their [pagan] prayer at the House (of Allah) was nothing but whistling and clapping of hands; therefore taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve!” (Quran, 8:35)
Indeed Matam/ Tatbir of Shias during Ashura contradicts what Ali (radiallahu anhu) said in one of the most authoratative books considered by the Shia – Nahjul Balagha – Sermon 233.

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